Chicken Pasta Soup For Kids

If ever there was a day when a comforting bowl of creamy chicken pasta soup was needed, today is that day.

It’s been a bit rough in our family for the past few days and it turns out our house is full of strep throat, which means the kids are unwell and hot. But now everyone is getting better.

Illness combined with the cold snap slamming New Zealand today means today is the perfect day to make another batch of soup for the kids, take a picture of it and upload it to the blog!

Soup For Kids

This Creamy Chicken Soup is my kids and a springboard for soups. Here’s a soup with helper wheels for kids who don’t think they like soup! The secret weapon is pasta. Pasta is the training wheel…because most kids love pasta!

If you have kids who don’t like soup, but you do, I think the trick to getting them started is adding things they like to the soup. Something like pasta or rice.

Another reason to include this stuff in kids’ soup recipes is because it makes it easier to eat.

Soup can be tricky for kids, especially thin soups as it can be difficult to scoop. This chicken soup is thick, creamy, and has pasta that’s easy on the spoon.

So the kids love this soup, but I also love this creamy chicken soup, I love it because there’s no precooking of any part, not even the pasta, it’s just cooked in one pot, it’s amazing and easy .

I also like it because it’s economical. So when you want to keep food costs down, this is a great addition to your meal plan!

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